Sunday, 28 October 2012

"nothing to fear, except fear itself!"

Hadnt thought about blogging this type of crafting that I do before. Every year I tend to make a big affair of Hallowe'en. This year I struggled making up my first costume idea and was left with burlap bags. Batman's foe Scarecrow was suggested when so many others coming to my party told me the were going as other villains. Recutting, sewing up, handsewing, a little fabric glue and acryllic paint and VOILA! 

And on that note.....anyone wishing to purchase my only-worn-once mask.....£20-30?

lol. x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Roll of the dice, see your fate...

A dear friend of mines birthday came round there. Was struggling to find him anything until I flat out asked him...
As an avid player of Warhammer and roleplay games he asked for a Dice bag. The symbol is from the Slaneesh clan.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

"When the three suns align..."

The Great Conjunction, is my best machine embroidered piece. Wish i'd kept it. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello Beasty!!!

Well, so I have been off the edge of the map the past month or two, but the muse is back! Started a new job, and they asked us to "tart up" our staff room and since I had plans for this picture, I made a legend come to life......yeah I know, its a little ........surreal. Im calling it tacky fabulous art.

Heres hoping I can alter more and that people will buy from me. Fingers crossed. x

Sunday, 19 February 2012

what Clan do you hail' fae?

This was a little project for myself, labour of love. I often wondered what it would be like to wear my own Coat of Arms so decided to "tart up" my own design, using the ancient clan Davidson Tartan that my mother had given me from the remnants of her wedding outfit, some lovely washed out denim and some well selected threads. The crescent moon represents the Clark coat of arms and the stag for the Davidson's. I'm still deciding where this should go, currently making myself some moss green vambraces....might go on them, we shall see and I will be sure to show you all. x

Something sweet and twee.

Friend at work was looking for something different and unique, for his girlfriend who lives abroad. We went through a couple of suggestions and then came up with a love cushion, why not. With Valentines looming nearer it sounded like a great plan.... -___-. Can I just say for the record, having never made a cushion from scratch was bad enough(without a pattern) but using bondaweb sheet to stick down hearts.....never again, lol.

I was very pleased with the end result, although rough at some points it really had a very middle america quaint handmade feel to it. Would gladly make more and now having done the basic design I definitely see where I can improve on embelishment and cushion shape.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What'ya buying?

All these pieces I have put together are costume jewellery. Nothing precious unless stated. Some have been made with bits of broken jewellery, some made from scratch but all with the idea that these came from a world of found objects, and magic resides in everything.

Amazing what treasures you can find, one only has to look for them.

Thinking about maybe selling them for between £8-£12, any suggestions?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Procrastination....The killer

I have found myself (since starting a blog) procrastinating more and more. Is this the problem with setting yourself a goal? Do we ask too much of ourselves? Is time better spent relaxing and taking time to be content with our current situations?
My excuse,  I am so scared of failure.
I had a business once, thought I was impervious to all the criticism of my friends and peers, but it gets to you eventually. Confidence is a difficult thing to master. Hoping that the up and coming weeks are kind to me. Trying to motivate myself by looking at what my strengths and weaknesses are, difficult when the weaknesses are numerous.

So yeah, made one set of pictures up, hoping that its the start of styles to come and that someone finds my kitsch and quirky art agreeable. Teehee.


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Whose Barony is this?

Well, here we go.

 I can't really say whats going to come of this blog,  for just now,  I hope to promote my designs and skills. I will be posting pics of my costume jewellery, sewing project and art. I'm going to ask you,  the lovely peoples of my world  for help.  I need a network of friends, clients and suppliers to give a chance to branch out.  I look forward to your comments as well as constructive criticism(which I take gladly, within reason teehee). 

I really hope I dont disappoint myself and that this helps me focus all positive energies to a new business venture and indeed improve on what skills I have already.

This year will be better...if we all make it better. x