Sunday, 19 February 2012

what Clan do you hail' fae?

This was a little project for myself, labour of love. I often wondered what it would be like to wear my own Coat of Arms so decided to "tart up" my own design, using the ancient clan Davidson Tartan that my mother had given me from the remnants of her wedding outfit, some lovely washed out denim and some well selected threads. The crescent moon represents the Clark coat of arms and the stag for the Davidson's. I'm still deciding where this should go, currently making myself some moss green vambraces....might go on them, we shall see and I will be sure to show you all. x

Something sweet and twee.

Friend at work was looking for something different and unique, for his girlfriend who lives abroad. We went through a couple of suggestions and then came up with a love cushion, why not. With Valentines looming nearer it sounded like a great plan.... -___-. Can I just say for the record, having never made a cushion from scratch was bad enough(without a pattern) but using bondaweb sheet to stick down hearts.....never again, lol.

I was very pleased with the end result, although rough at some points it really had a very middle america quaint handmade feel to it. Would gladly make more and now having done the basic design I definitely see where I can improve on embelishment and cushion shape.